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 Cabal Terms And Abbreviations

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PostSubject: Cabal Terms And Abbreviations   Fri Sep 12, 2008 6:00 am

Acbm = Astral Core Blue Mithril
AoB = Amulet of Battler
AoG = Amulet of Guard
AoP = Amulet of Pain
AoSC = Amulet of Seven Coins
B1F = Tower of the Dead B1F, lvl95
B2F = Tower of the Dead B2F, lvl105
BB = Blessing Bead
BI = Bloody Ice (Map)
BL = Blader
BM = Battle Mode / Blue Mithril
BM2 = Battle Mode 2
BoF = Bracelet of Fighter
BoS = Bracelet of Sage / Bracelet of Serenity
BoSC = Bracelet of Seven Coins
CC = Chat Channel / Cabal Cash
Ch/Chn = Channel
CJ = Circuit jewel
CL = Community Liaison
Craps/Caps = Capellas
CvC = Country versus Country
DC = Disconnect
DK = Daikatana
DS = Desert Scream (Map)
DP = Death Penalty
EoD = Epaulette of the Dead
EoD B2F= Epaulette of the Dead B2F
EoF = Epaulette of Fighter
EoG = Epaulette of Guardian / Earring of Guard
EoP = Epaulette of Proof
EoS = Epaulette of Sage
EoSC = Earring of Seven Coins
EoX = Epaulette of X, where X = Fighter, Sage or Guardian
FA = Force Archer
FB = Force Blader
FC = Formula Card
FCH = Force Core High (Blue)
FCHighest = Force Core Highest (White)
FGR = Forgotten Ruin (Map lvl95)
FR = Fort Ruina (Map lvl65)
FS = Force Shielder
FT = Forgotten Temple B1F, lvl115
GA = Game Advisor
GAA = Game Advisor Assistant
GAL = Game Advisor Leader
GD = Green Despair (Map)
GM = Guild Master / Game Master
GS = Greatsword
GvG = Guild versus Guild (Guild War)
GW = Guild War
HP = Health Points / Honor Points
Jewel = Circuit Jewel
KS = Kill Steal (Does really Exist)
LiD = Lake in Dusk, lvl75
LS = Lakeside (Map lvl110)
LS2 = Lakeside Part2, lvl115
LS3 = Lakeside Part3, lvl120 (Berderk is there)
MF = Mutant Forest (Map lvl125)
Mobs = Monsters
MP = Magic / Mana Points
NPC = Non Playing Character
Osm = Osmium
PF = Pontus Ferrum (Map lvl140)
PK = Player Kill
PL = Port Lux(Map lvl50)
PM = Private Message (Whisper, /w)
Pops/Popcorns/Procy/Procs = Procyons
Pt = Party
PvE = Player versus Environment (Player versus Monsters normally)
PvP = Player versus Player
RedOsm = RedOsmium
RoC = Ring of Champion
RoF = Ring of Fighter
RoL = Ring of Luck
RoS = Ring of Sage / Ring of Serenity
RoSC = Ring of Seven Coins
RS = Ruina Station, lvl85 / Return Stone
RW3 = Astral Bike RW3
SEoF = Shadow Epaulette of Fighter
SEoG = Shadow Epaulette of Guard
SEoS = Shadow Epaulette of Sage
SG = Shineguard
SP = Spirit Points (Sometimes Skill Points)
SSteel = Shadowsteel
ST = Shadowtitanium
Tera = Teragrace
TG = Tierra Gloriosa (Nation war channel)
Tita/Tit/Tits = Titanium
ToD = Tower of the Dead B1F, lvl95
UCH = Upgrade Core High (Red)
UCHighest = Upgrade Core Highest (White)
UCL = Upgrade Core Low (Yellow)
UCM = Upgrade Core Medium (Orange)
UG = Undead Ground (Map lvl80)
VC = Volcanic Citadel, lvl105
WA = Warrior
WI = Wizard
WTB = Want to Buy
WTS = Want to Sell
WTT = Want to Trade
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Cabal Terms And Abbreviations
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